Trenton Airport

AirportBuilding replaced in 1988

Trenton Airport Limited is classified as a Commercial Airport with a location identifier of "CYTN".

The Airport is open to public transportation and the runways are maintained year round. They have landing accomodations for large business jets, as well as Life Flights.

A flight from Trenton to the Robert Stanfield International Airport in Halifax, NS on a typical business jet will take 11 to 12 minutes for a distance of 118km.

Trenton Airport has fuel available: 100LL and Jet A1 fuel.

The runway is 5300 ft. long and 150 ft. wide.

Famous people who have used the facility: Babe Ruth to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip to numerous Prime Ministers and politicians. Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall arrived in May 2014.

Trenton Airport Ltd.

Contact: Airport Attendance

174 Duke Street
Trenton, NS
B0K 1X0

Office: (902) 752-9348
Mobile: (902) 754-9385

Trenton Airport

Eastern Air Services

The Eastern Air Services offers sight-seeing air adventure tours anywhere in the Maritimes which include flying through the Cabot Trail, over the Confederation Bridge or even designing your own tour. They also deliver parcels and parts in the Maritimes and serve Pictou Island with mail delivery, passenger service and parcel delivery.

David S Wilson
Operations Manager - Chief Pilot

PO Box 1286 174 Duke St,
Trenton, NS B0K 1X1

Office: 902-752-9444
Cell: 902-921-3387
Fax: 902-752-8397

Website: Eastern Air Services