Friends of Trenton Park Society

winter fun in Trenton park

The Friends of Trenton Park Society is a non-profit group (est.1998) dedicated to promote and preserve Trenton Park. Our goal is to promote the Park as a year round destination for both county residents and tourists, as well as preserve the environmental integrity of the Park. Upcoming improvement projects for 2012 include trail signage and flower bed improvements.

Society’s Mandate

  • To support Trenton Park with capital improvements through fund raising
  • To support Trenton Park through public relations and educational initiatives
  • To support Trenton Park through various volunteer work tasks
  • To protect the environmental integrity and ecosystems of Trenton Park
  • To help develop and promote Trenton Park as a unique recreational facility
  • To help develop and support Trenton Park as a tourist destination

Past Focus and Successes have been

  • Acquiring student grants that assist Trenton Park with summer operations (on-going)
  • Volunteer support of Trenton Park activities such as winter/summer events (on-going)
  • Trail signage and park beautification (on-going)


To help this Society thrive and continue to hold annual events at Trenton Park, we need more volunteers! Please contact:

Friends of Trenton Park Society
Tel: (902) 752-1019