Community Grants Policy & Application Process 2022-23

Town of Trenton Community Grants Policy & Application Process

Every year the Town receives requests for support from many community groups and causes. Responding to such requests on an ad hoc or “as received” basis may result in unequitable treatment of requests that are received late in the fiscal year, or may not allow Council to best prioritize such requests for maximum impact in the community. The Community Grants Policy was put into effect June 12, 2018 to begin for the 2019 fiscal year and beyond.

Community Grant Applications for the 2022-23 fiscal period are now being considered. Applications must be received no later than February 28th, 2022 to be  assessed in preparation for the 2022-23 General Operating Budget. Applicants who received funding in 2021-22 and who do not apply for 2022-23 may not be considered for further grant funding.

Although the Town of Trenton cannot fund all applications received, we appreciate the interest of community groups in our program. Consideration of any funding requests received after the approval of the General Operating Budget will be limited to the availability of unallocated funds until such time as they are exhausted.

How to Apply

The Community Grants Policy & applicationform may be obtained from Town Hall,120 Main Street, during public office hours(Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm), bycalling 902-752-5311 or by visiting Community Grants section of the Town website.

Deadline for receipt of applications is: 4:30 PM on Monday, February 28, 2022. 

Please mail or drop off your application formand any supporting materials to:

Town of Trenton
P.O. Box 328, 120 Main Street
Trenton, NS B0K 1X0

Winter Parking Regulations 2021-2022


Whereas due to the congestion on the streets and highways in the communities of New Glasgow and Trenton caused by vehicular and pedestrian traffic and the limitation on the free use of the streets liable to be caused by the presence of snow and ice thereon and notwithstanding that certain traffic signs have been erected in these communities prohibiting or permitting vehicles to park or stand upon any street during the hours stated thereon: 

  1. No person shall park or leave standing any vehicle upon any street in these communities between the hours of 01:00 a.m. and 07:00 a.m. of the same day.
  2. No owner, driver or person having control or custody of any vehicle shall between the1st day of December 2021 and the 1stday of April 2022, park or leave unattended by a person authorized to move and capable of operating the same upon any street in the above manner as to hinder, inconvenience or prevent removal or snow or ice from such highway or street.
  3. No owner, driver or person having control or custody of any vehicle shall during the period from one hour after any snowstorm has commenced to two hours after such snowstorm has stopped, park the vehicle if it is unattended by a person authorized to move and capable of operating the same, upon any street in these communities.

Nothing in the foregoing shall apply to:

  1. A motor vehicle of a physician or surgeon parked reasonably near his/her office or residence and immediately available for professional calls.
  2. A motor vehicle parked by a physician or surgeon who is engaged in his/her professional occupation and reasonably near where he/she is so engaged.
  3. A motor vehicle parked by an operator who is engaged in discharging his/her duties as a Police Officer or a member of the police or the armed services.
  4. A motor vehicle parked by an operator who is engaged in discharging his/her duties as a member of a Fire Department.
  5. A commercial vehicle parked by an operator for the purpose of loading or unloading merchandise.A motor vehicle belonging to a public utility company or corporation parked reasonably near the residence of an operator and immediately available for emergency calls.

It shall be an offence for any person to fail to comply with these regulations and such person will be liable to a penalty as provided by Section 293 of the Motor Vehicle Act. In addition, under section 139 of the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act, tickets can be issued and vehicles can be towed any time, day or night, if they are parked in a way that interferes with snow clearing.

No person shall remove or permit to be removed snow or ice from a property onto a public street, sidewalk, or other public place.

Businesses are reminded that it is your responsibility to remove all snow and ice from the sidewalk abutting their property including the street corner.

Chief Stephen Chisholm
Town of New Glasgow & Trenton


pdf Winter Parking Regulations Act 2021 (108 KB)

Outstanding Trenton Residents

Do you know someone who always goes out of their way to make your day a little brighter?

How about a volunteer making adifference in our community?

Do you think someone should be acknowledged for their great accomplishments?


We always love recognizing our Trenton businesses and supporting local. Now we want to recognize the people from Trenton! In 2022, we hope to celebrate a Trenton  resident each month in the TrentonTalk newsletter as a way to promote people in our community for good deeds, volunteer service, an employee or neighbor who went out of their way, etc. This will be an on-going selection process with Town Administration choosing a new outstanding resident each month to highlight. 

Nomination Process

Nomination forms may be dropped off at the
Trenton Administration Office (120 Main Street)
during Public Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm.

You can also e-mail your nomination form to:  

To be considered for the next month's newsletter, the submission deadline will be the 8th day of each month. Can’t meet this months deadline? Not to worry! Send in your form and we will keep it on file for upcoming selections. There is no age restriction. The only requirement is the nominee must be an outstanding resident from the Town of Trenton!

pdf Nomination Form - To Fill Out Electronically (831 KB)

You can fill out this form electronically & print to submit or email to  

pdf Nomination Form - To Print & Fill Out Manually (824 KB)

This form can be printed to be filled out manually or can also be picked up at Town Hall during public office hours.



2021-2022 Budget & Tax Rate

Wednesday, November 10, 2021
2021-2022 Budget & Tax Rate


At the Town Council meeting on November 09, 2021, Council approved, accepted, and adopted the General Operating Budget of the Town of Trenton for the fiscal year from April 01, 2021 to March 31, 2022, in the amount of $4,349,635. 

With extra consideration and reflection by Council, we have approved the Town’s tax rate for this fiscal year be set at $1.99 per $100 of assessment for Residential and Resource properties and $4.10 per $100 of assessment for Commercial properties with the Solid Waste (garbage collection) annual user fee rate at $146.00 per dwelling unit and the fire protection rate at $0.0725 per $100 of assessment. Dependent on property assessments, this may cause property owners to see an increase in their final tax bills. Council did not come to this decision lightly, and we are putting the future of our Town at the forefront of our decision making. 

The final tax billings will be processed by the administration office this week and residents should expect to receive their bills by mid-November. The due date will be Friday, January 14, 2022. 

We appreciate residents understanding and patience this year as the Town has faced major staff changes and delays in the yearend and budget processes. We thank everyone who has helped our Town get to this point and we are confident in our ability to provide the Town with excellent services and transparency moving forward.

Mayor Donald Hussher & Town Council


Related Documents:

pdf 2021-22 Budget & Tax Rate - Official Council Notice (105 KB)

pdf Trenton Operating & Capital Budgets 2021-2022 (112 KB)

Welcome Home to Pictou County Guide

The “Welcome Home to Pictou County Guide: A community guide to the place we call home” was created through a partnership between Healthy Pictou County, the Destination Eastern and Northumberland Shores Tourism Association (DEANS), the Pictou County Regional Enterprise Network (REN), and the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce. It was also designed and printed locally by Advocate Printing. Funding was received from the Province of Nova Scotia for a large portion of this project, and we are excited to have it completed.

This guide is a wonderful piece for people considering our area, those new to the area, and even those who grew up in Pictou County. Take a look, you might just find something new!

Stop by the local Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library branches to view a hard copy of the guide they will have on reference or visit the Healthy Pictou County website for more information and to view the electronic version (also available below). Any questions or details on ordering your own print run, please email Nicole LeBlanc.

Welcome Home to Pictou County Guide: a community guide to the place we call home

Housing Nova Scotia

Housing Nova Scotia (NS)

Are you aware that Housing Nova Scotia offers programs throughout Nova Scotia which help keep low and modest income homeowners in their own homes, and in the communities they’re helped to build, for as long as they can? Their goal is to help eligible families, seniors and persons with disabilities make their homes safer and more accessible.

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