Special Council Meeting (09/03/2021)


Friday, September 03, 2021
4:00 PM (via Zoom)


  • Demolition of two Town owned properties
  • Set date for Dangerous and Unsightly Hearing Process with Mannie Withrow, Building Inspector
  • Patching Tender
  • Purchase of Rink Dehumidifier
  • Award construction of the New Trenton Park Pumphouse Building
  • Purchase of Filter Media for Water Treatment Plant

Due to the special meeting being entirely virtual it will not be open to the public; however, a draft of the meeting minutes will be posted on the Town website by the end of next business day (Tuesday, September 07, 2021) or to pick up at Town Hall (120 Main Street) during public office hours (9:00am to 4:00pm) beginning Wednesday, September 08, 2021. 

Quarterly Water Billings Delayed


Quarterly Water Billing Delayed

The Town of Trenton wishes to advise residents that the quarterly water billing  regularly scheduled for late June was delayed due to unexpected software updates required for the water billing system. This issue will cause the next water bills to be higher than normal as they will be for a longer period. The shift in this billing cycle will cause the quarterly bills issued in September to be for a shorter period; therefore, you should notice a lower cost at that time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we are working with the software company to ensure the meter reads are done as quickly as possible. 


Please contact Town Hall or the Water Works Dept.:

Town Hall (120 Main Street, Trenton NS)
Public Office Hours:
Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm
Tel: 902-752-5311
Water Works Dept.: 902-752-1450

(May 11, 2021) Off-highway Vehicle Use in Trenton


Re: Off-highway Vehicle (OHV) Use

In the springtime, when the ground begins to thaw and becomes soft, use of off-highway vehicles can create visible damage to trails (as seen in the photo below). Unfortunately, when off-highway vehicles use trails unintended for such use, there can also be damage to vegetation, increased runoff, soil erosion, and degradation of water quality.
Per the Off-highway Vehicles Act. R.S., c. 323, s. 1.:
Permission of owner or occupier
14 (1) No person shall operate an off-highway vehicle on a sidewalk, walkway, school grounds, utility service lane, cultivated land, private forest land, campground, golf course, park, playground or any private property, without the written permission of the owner or occupier.
The Act is available in full online: Off-highway Vehicle Act 
What does this mean?
In short, the Town does not permit the use of off-highway vehicles (OHV) on any Town-owned lands including trails or within Trenton Park. You are not allowed to use off-highway vehicles on any lands which you do not own, and you do not have written permission from the property owner to be on their lands with your off-highway vehicle.
What if there are no signs stating OHV are not permitted?
Signage is not required as the Town does not have any lands where off-highway vehicles are permitted. If you do not have written permission from a property owner, you are not permitted to be on their lands with an off-highway vehicle. This is the law.
What should I do if someone is using an OHV on my land without my permission?
If you find someone using their OHV on your land without your permission and wish to make a complaint, please contact the New Glasgow Regional Police Non-Emergency Line at 902-752-1941.
What should I do if I see someone using an OHV on Town-owned land or property other than my own?
If you find someone using their OHV on Town-owned land or property other than your own and wish to make a complaint, please contact the Town of Trenton at 902-752-5311.
What should I do if I find damage on Town-owned land (including trails) caused by an OHV?
Please report any damage found to the Town of Trenton by calling 902-752-5311.
For a breakdown of Provincial Rules and Regulations regarding Off-highway Vehicle use, visit:

Special Council Meeting (05/25/2021)




Tuesday, May 25, 2021

7:30 PM (start to follow the regularly scheduled Committee of the Whole meeting)


  • RFP No. TOTR042021 Trenton Water Works System Assessment
  • RFP No. 2011.5B Trenton Park Revitalization Project Phase 5B (Building Upgrades)
  • By-law No. 2021-001 Cross Connection Control – Final Reading


Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, this meeting will not be open to the public.

A draft of the meeting minutes will be posted within 24 hours of the meeting.

From Me to You - Engage NS Campaign

Send a note to someone in your community this winter!

From Me to You Program - Engage Nova Scotia

Join us in writing or drawing a note to someone in your community - a person you know or haven't met yet.

The pandemic has prevented us from being together as much as we'd like and the winter months ahead may present added challenges - yet we know how good social connections are for our wellbeing.

Just as we can’t know what the year ahead will look like, we never know what anyone is facing in their lives at the moment our paths cross. And we can never know the impacts that small gestures of thoughtfulness can have on any given day.

- Trenton Town Hall (120 Main Street)
- Trenton Library (1 Forge Street, side entrance of Town Hall)
- Trenton Minor Sports Community Centre (75 Park Road)

Full program details can be found here: