Open Public Forum Re: Mountain Biking Trails

Update: Meeting Cancelled - See Public Notice Here


Concerning the proposed construction of mountain biking trails at Trenton Park.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021
First Session to Begin at 5:30pm
Upstairs at Trenton Civic Building (120 Main Street)
Please Note: Pre-Registration is Required


In July 2020, the Town of Trenton approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mountain Bike Trail Builders of PictouCounty (MTBPC). The MTBPC entered this agreement with an interest in promoting opportunities for multi-use outdoorrecreation trails used for mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing, walking dogs and by those just looking to enjoy nature. Bothparties have agreed to work cooperatively on the maintenance of existing trails and development of new trails in Trenton Park.The MOU is available for viewing at Town Hall (120 Main St.) during public office hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm.

A summary of the trail work proposed includes:

• brush and debris removal from all Category 3 trails
• reroute section to remedy environmental issues
• support Town staff in completing trail maintenance to fix environmental issues on Category 2 trails
• construction of a connector and outside loop for phase one of trail expansion.

The proposed trail work will be completed by qualified trail builders covered under insurance provided through the MTBPC. All participants will also be required to undergo training to learn safe work practices, expected trail construction standards and willonly be allowed to use tools they are both trained and deemed qualified to use.

The Town has not entered into this agreement lightly and has been working with the MTBPC to ensure this is the right decisionfor Trenton Park. The Park currently has trails that are both impassable and dangerous to the public and cause areas of concernto the Town. This agreement with the MTBPC offers the Town the opportunity to improve the use of the Park rather than lettingit be neglected. The MTBPC are offering to volunteer their time and expertise to make this extensive work possible for Trenton Park at no expense to the Town.

Larger copy of the map found on the public notice can be viewed online here:

pdf Trail Maintenance and Construction by MTBPC 2020 (1.52 MB)

pdf Trails Map from MOU with Proposed Trails (3.41 MB)

Concerns Expressed

We have received concerns from several citizens over the number and width of these trails and what this may do to the ecosystem. These citizens feel new trails are not required and will open up the park too much; taking away from the nature park it was intended to be. There were also concerns expressed that it appears the width of the trails could allow access to all terrain vehicles and be a temptation for them.

Town Council has heard presentations from both the MTBPC and the concerned citizens. Prior to making a finaldecision, Council wishes to hold this open public forum to hear from more of the public regarding this matter.

Meeting Registration & COVID Protocols

To accommodate proper physical distancing protocols, seating for the public will be limited to 18 people in attendance per half hour session. To register your seat prior to the meeting, you must complete the pdf Town Meeting Attendance Application & Self-Declaration Form (2.05 MB) available by clicking the link or hard-copy picked up at Town Hall. An approval notice from the Town of Trenton is required for access to Town meetings. If approval is granted, you will be required to adhere to the following protocols:

• Face masks must be worn when entering/exiting Town Hall, in the hallways, stairway and travelling to/from your seat. Once seated, you are permitted to remove your mask.
• Please respect physical distancing precautions: seating has been placed to allow for 6 feet distance.
• Hand sanitizer will be available for use at Town Hall. Please use before and after the meeting.

Submit Feedback

This Public Notice was mailed to Trenton residents & included a form for feedback that can be found here:

pdf Public Forum Notice 04-27-2021 (490 KB)

To accommodate those unable to attend the public meeting, please submit your opinions, questions or concerns to Town Hall by Monday, April 26, 2021 at 4:00pm. You can also send your feedback by email to: or call 902-752-5311.