There are 2 subsidization programs available to assist families who are experiencing finacial constaints that limit their ability to have their children particpate in sport and recreation programs. The Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program and KidSport. Both local chapters are administered collaboratively by all Recreation Departments in Pictou County. For futher information and application assistance, please contact:

Cindy Fraser
Recreation Coordinator
Municipality of Pictou County

Tel: 902-485-8528
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program






Apply for Jumpstart Funding
Covers: Dance, Bowling, Skating Lessons, Martial Arts, etc.


KidSport Canada Program


Apply for KidSport Funding
Covers: Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, School Sports, etc.


Family Size & Income Cut-Offs

(For 2018 Income Tax Year)
You must attach your Notice of Assessment received back from your income tax. This can be scanned and attached or you can even take a photo of it and attach. If you don’t have your NOA, call 1-800-959-8281 and you can have one mailed out to you. In order to qualify for both the KidSport & Jumpstart programs, you must make below the Income Cut-Offs listed below:

Family of 2 - $32,270
Family of 3 - $39,672
Family of 4 - $48,167
Family of 5 - $54,630
Family of 6 - $61,613
Family of 7+ - $68,598

Note: Family make-up consists of the number in the household
(ie. family of 4 can be 2 parents and 2 children or 1 parent and 3 children, etc.).