Heartbreak a Stranger

Heartbreak A Stranger is a one-person band based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is Trenton born Aaron Hartling, and with chords made by his hands and words from his head he can tell you good stories, keep your attention and make you think..... Visit www.heartbreakastranger.com for the rest of Aaron's bio.

I am working on a recording based around the Town of Trenton. It will be a 7-song CD. My plan is to release the CD in the fall. I named the working title of this musical endeavor ‘Trenton Project’ because the songs I wrote reflect the days I grew up in Trenton, Nova Scotia. The songs reflect the Town I knew in my youth and the changes that I see since I’ve left. The name ‘Trenton’ could be replaced with any small town name. A rural one industry town that has been hit by a global economy, and where jobs are shipped out to reflect the bottom line of a company’s financial spreadsheet. Somehow, the Town has survived. ~ Aaron Hartling